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While the procedure of obtaining land registration can be long and time consuming, we undertake to arrange the land registration of your property ourselves. Below you may find some steps advisable to be followed, steps that our business consultants and lawyers implement on your behalf:

  • Property titles search

This is a procedure advisable to be followed in order to secure that the property you are interested in has construction permit and all licenses and permits are in order for you to proceed with this transaction.

  • Sales Agreement

The sales agreement is being prepared by the lawyer.

  • Pay transfer Taxes

In order to transfer a title, a certification that all taxes have been paid is needed from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

  • File the contract at the Department of Lands and Surveys

This procedure is advisable for the protection of parties, seller and buyer in case any party tries to violate the sales agreement.

  • Obtain Sewerage Board Tax clearance

The purchaser should apply and obtain a Sewerage Board Tax clearance from the Sewerage Board office.

  • Declaration of transfer of immoveable property at the Land Registry and issuance of the new title deed.

The sale contract must be registered at the Land District office within 2 months after the signature of the contract. The change of ownership takes place when the sale contract is registered at the Land District office. The original and the copy of the contract of sale must be duly stamped.

The buying Corporation is responsible of paying for the Transfer Tax based on the value of the property as determined by the Director of the Department of Lands & Surveys. The transfer tax (as % of property value) is as follows:

0 - 85,500 EUR = 3%

85,500 - 171,100 EUR = 5%

above 171,100 EUR = 8%

Documents to be provided to the Land District Office are as follows:

  1. Completed Form N270 (Declaration of Transfer of Immovable Property).
  2. The certificate of registration (title) of the immovable property, which is to be transferred
  3. Completed Form N.313.
  4. Proof of payment of all fees, charges and taxes payable for the property under transfer.
    i. Immovable Property Tax and Capital gains tax (Receipts of payment for these taxes are obtained from the Internal Revenue Department)
    ii. Sewerage Board Tax (receipt obtained from the Sewerage Board)
    iii. Town rate (receipt obtained from the municipality in whose boundaries the property is situated)
    iv. Communal rate (receipt obtained from the community in whose boundaries the property is situated)

The declaration of registration is done after the evaluator at the Registry assesses the value of the property, based on the amount stated In the sale agreement. If the assessed price is higher than the paid amount stated in the purchase agreement, an inspection will be conducted by staff from the land registry. This valuation is required in order to prevent fraud (i.e. state in the sale agreement a lower amount in order to pay less transfer fees).

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