Application for the issue of permit to acquire property

In order to submit the relevant Form Comm.145 for the Application for the issue of permit to acquire property, the following documents are required, which we will undertatke to gather and submit the applicaiton on your behalf.

Documents and Information Necessary to Submit an Application

  1. Government Survey Plan ( Cadastral Plan).
  2. Copy of the title deed.
  3. Copy of the building permit for the construction of the house/building concerned. In case of flats/houses/buildings explicitly described in the title deed (certificate of ownership) there is no need for submission of the building permit. If the application concerns a building site, then a copy of the division permit should be submitted.
  4. Copy of the contract of sale duly stamped.
  5. Level plan, except in cases where the house/flat/building is explicitly described in the title deed. In case of building sites under construction, a copy of the approved division plan. If the application concerns a house in a field/building site in which more than one building exist or were permitted to be build a layout plan showing the exact place (location) of the house/flat/building concerned should be submitted.
  6. The area of the property under acquisition to be stated under paragraph 12 of the application form.
  7. Evidence indicating the financial position of the applicant.
  8. Copies of the passport pages of the applicant and those of their wife’s. Passport pages should include holder’s picture and identification, as well as the pages stamped at the post/airport on arrival or departure from Cyprus.
  9. In the event where spouse do not share the same last name and there is no reference of the husband’s last name in the wife’s passport it is necessary to present the marriage certificate or relative confirmation from their Embassy.
  10. Copy of the resident and work permit (where applicable) of the applicant in Cyprus.
  11. An application form (Comm 145) fully and clearly filled.
  12. Where the applicant is a firm or a shareholder of an offshore company, in addition to the documents referred in the previous paragraphs, the following certificates, which can be obtained from the Registration of the Company, of shareholders, of Company Directors, and of the Company’s Registered Office.
  13. Where the applicant is a firm a copy of the Articles of Association, explicit information on the company’s activities at the time of application, the names, addresses and social Insurance number of the Personnel (Cypriots and foreigners) employed at the time.

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